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Dayton’s 2015 Buck Brannaman clinic dates have not yet been determined.


We are waiting for Buck to finalize his 2015 calendar.  We will let folks know of the dates through our newsletter as soon as the dates have been finalized.  We will also update this webpage and post the dates on our facebook page.

Below are some pictures from the 2014 clinic.  We will upload those coming from the professional photographer as soon as we get them. 

Thank you for your interest in Buck.

Here are a few testimonials from the 2014 clinic.

"Hi All,
I just want to let you know what a wonderful experience this was for both me and my horse, truly life changing.  Everyone there was amazing and I can't even begin to imagine the work that went into making a large event like this as smooth and successful for all the horses and riders as this one was.  We had everything we could possibly need to be comfortable during our stay in Dayton.  The 4-h crew did a fantastic job looking after the horses too." -- Laura Evans

"Thank you so much for the effort and heart you put into the clinic.
It , in my opinion was seamless.  Organized and safety were high on my list of concerns and you both covered that ground well.
I am new to the clinic world and I am looking forward to next year.
Buck has ruined me, how can and why would I go anywhere else.
He not only enforced my beliefs in horsemanship , but showed me with clarity how to achieve a deeper partnership with my Roan." -- Shannon Orr

"I am still so filled with joy and wonder at last week’s incredible experience in Dayton.  My little horse has a brilliant start, I met some amazing people, and I get to look forward to doing more with my horse in the coming months and years.
Quite simply…I feel peace. J  Or as Buck would say…Horses (and people) are just looking for a little peace.
Extraordinary is how I’d describe my time with you all.  Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for making magic happen in Dayton." -- Catherine Collins

"I cannot get all that I learned out of my head...from the Buck Clinic. His teachings are so vital." -- Jennifer Cain

Photos from the Dayton 2014 Clinic

Photos from the Dayton 2013 Clinic

Photos from the Dayton 2011 Clinic

Photos from the Dayton 2010 Clinic

Additional Information About Buck

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Sometimes a film comes along that answers a question that you didn't realize you had. At the Sundance Film Festival this year, that movie is "Buck", an exceptional slice of Americana about the charismatic real-life horse whisperer, an earthy, soft-spoken philosopher who can tame troubled souls, be they man or beast.  Visit Buck the movie website.

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Buck Brannaman on bridling your horse.

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